Whether you need legal expertise for yourself, your family or your business, nationally or internationally, we can help you every step of the way. By choosing us to assist you, our main objective will always be to provide the highest standard of legal advice.
We do this by offering a client focused service which is easy to assess at every stage of the legal process. To achieve this we dedicate quality resources to the provision of this service. Our culture has been created by recruiting like-minded individuals who have a high level of personal commitment to excellence and then encouraging them to demonstrate their integrity and skills in every case being dealt with by the firm.
By taking a holistic approach to problem resolution, we are able to deliver clear legal solutions which precisely match your needs by gaining thorough understanding of your personal and business goals. Our clients tell us that our realism, ability to untangle complex problems and strong emphasis on empathy, professionalism, cost effectiveness and communication are the reasons why they work with us.

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Services for Business

Our experienced business immigration lawyers are able to provide prompt, efficient and cost-effective advice to businesses/ colleges wishing to employ overseas nationals or sponsor overseas students. Many employers are reliant on migrant labour from outside the UK or the European Economic Area to ensure their workforce has the best skills, experience and qualifications required for certain positions. Recruitment from overseas is often essential for positions where there is a skills shortage in the UK/ European Economic Area or where specialist language skills are required

Services for Individuals

The breakdown of a relationship can be hard enough but issues of contact and residence with your children can be further complicated. Disputes arise when there is hostility between the parties, for example, if one parent wants to move away or abroad, or there are allegations of domestic violence or risk to children. When parents are in disagreement then grandparents and other relatives may find themselves drawn into the dispute and they may suddenly lose contact with the child.